President's Column

- Sarthak Garg

Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you'll be able to see farther.

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing well and you are in the best of health (mental especially). I would like to start by welcoming all the new recruits, it's a proud moment for CSED to get an exhilarating response in recruitments, thus making it tough as well as exciting for us to recruit someone of the most promising freshers with immense potential. So Congratulations guys, be proud of yourself as each one of you have something special and different that made your entry possible to the lot. I know a lot of you are wondering why you were selecting considering how your interview went but even then, we saw a spark in you. There are going to be a million opportunities just thrown at your feet. But now, it’s your responsibility to reap all the benefits of the club and decide what you want to make of this journey.

I think it's the right time for Year In Review for CSED. Personally for me, the most amazing year with wonderful people around. Got to learn some amazing things and had amazing experiences. For CSED, probably one of the most successful year of this decade. Most importantly we got amazing startups collaborations, we got an amazing network and chance to interact with Investors and mentors. We got accelerator collaboration in term of edify accelerator. Moreover, we made Enactus, which was an independent team under CSED in VIT, the Projects component of CSED. We did 3 events in 56 hours in which two of them were 24 hour event, we just did the impossible and I am just so proud of this team. Moreover, in my personal opinion, I haven't seen a better managed event than Kick Startup 3.0, and it just gives immense satisfaction to be the Organiser of that event. When I look at the CSED core of 2019-20, I see so much potential and healthy competition. I can safely say that we will be handing over the board in capable hands.

Let's move forward to my personal favorite, the Organising Committee, I feel organising committee is an excellent opportunity for anyone wanting to expand his or her horizons and get out of that comfort zone, get out of that sphere where you limit yourself due to lack of available opportunities. That one month of OC is the most productive phase of the journey. Sometime back, we released the OC for CSED DAY 2020. At CSED DAY, we are celebrating 10 years of CSED and to know more you will have to attend that. I hope it's an amazing opportunity for everyone to break the ice and experience amazing activities planned by the OC. I know that freshers won't get a better opportunity to get comfortable with people and settle down easily in CSED. Hope to see y’all there!

VP's Column

- Janhvi Mehta

My journey in CSED started in the beginning of my first year itself when I volunteered for CSED. I remember the first volunteer meeting I attended, we were explained the Ps of marketing and asked to help organise StartUp Street 3.0 and Kick StartUp. This job entailed going door to door to get registrations for the event. My first thought was, “Oh, this is an easy task. All you have to do is explain the event and that will be it.” However, the first girl I talked to, didn’t even look up from her laptop screen while I was telling her about these events. And that was my first experience with sales. However, eventually I did get end up getting better at it and ended up getting registrations.

The philosophy that can be applied here is that, there is something to be learnt from each and every experience you have. In order to have experiences, you have to push yourself to seek discomfort. The best way to gain confidence is to do something you’re afraid to do. Here, at CSED, you’ll be thrown into so many situations that will make you a better version of yourself. All you have to do is grab as many opportunities as you can. CSED provides a safe space for you to be experimental as even if you make a mistake, you’ll have plenty of chances to make amends.

It’s a place where you’ll make the closest of friends, learn from both your VPs as well as each other. My time as VP editorial has given me the pleasure of working with the greatest team anyone could ever ask for. There is a lot that I admire about them and witnessing them taking so many leaps forward has been very rewarding. This year, I’m thankful to have met these people who are extremely brilliant in so many ways that they make this organisation what it is. I want everyone who has joined this organisation to realise that it’s possible to achieve all the goals that you set for yourself if you have a support system. I want everyone who has joined this club to realise that once you couple ambition with camaraderie, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

It makes me smile as I write this column as my I would harass other board members to submit their VP column, not knowing how hard it would be. The beginning of this year consisted of me asking my friends to write the VP column and now I finally am sitting down to write my own. My journey truly has come full circle.

Year in Review

We kicked things off strong in January by welcoming 60 new passionate members at the orientation. The 2 hour event consisted of explaining the objectives, vision and culture of the club. All the VPs got into the nitty-gritty and gave a description of the what they do on a daily basis. The recruits even got the chance to get to know each other and the club members through a series of ice-breaking sessions.

We also held our 3rd conference in February. It was an enlightening experience as the conference was filled with informative sessions and fun- filled informative sessions. The February conference really cemented the culture of the club and made us understand the vision and origin of the club.

The month of March brought in the most nerve-wracking time for the members of the club as the applications for the presidential election were released. Once the election process was underway, all the applicants were asked to go in isolation mode. The first round consisted of a letter of intent which was followed by an application round and interviews. Finally, the applicants gave their presentations and let the voters make their decision. After all the votes were counted, Sarthak Garg was gracefully thrown into a pool and announced as the new president of CSED. After the grand election process, it was now time for the board of 2019-20 to hand it over to the next batch. After a round of lengthy applications and rigorous interviews, the board of 2019-20 was formed.

April hit us with the exam season in full force. Most of our days were spent trying to study and binge-watching TV shows.

May brought in summer vacations with it, so the members of our club got busy with accomplishing our goals for the summer. Several members were busy interning at the startups that are in collaboration with us.

June and July stirred things up a little as the application for the organising committee was released. Most members of the club were enthusiastic about this opportunity, so a great number of applicants were August had us all in a frenzy as we were all busy organising scale ups and Saturday sessions. Along with that, we welcomed some new members in the family.

September was the most crucial month of this year as most of it was spent planning our flagship event and workshops. Apart from this, our annual conference was held in this month. The conference was filled with informative sessions about various arenas in entrepreneurship and activities that tested our negotiation and pitching skills. Needless to say, it was a roller-coaster as we had some fun times and some emotional times.

October was an EVENTful time for us because we hosted 3 events this GraVITas. On the 11 th ,12 th and 13 th of October CSED held 3 events – Social Transformers, KickStartUp 3.0 and StartUp Street 5.0. This year we even became proud winners of the best event in GraVITas 2019. All our determination and dedication was tested in these 56 hours.

November went by a little quiet as we were still getting off the high of the success of the events. Nevertheless, majority of our time was spent educating the freshers about this organisation. All the members spread the word about this organisation by reaching out to as many freshers as they could.

December was a very merry time as we held recruitments for freshers. We were elated to witness such a turn out. All the freshers made it extremely difficult for us to choose who made the final cut. We are honoured to welcome these zealous individuals who will decide our fate for the next year.

Inspiring Industry Interviews

- Souhardyya Biswas

Vishal Jain is a Product Leader and Software Engineer with experience in /Product Development/Networking/Mobile App Development and Android with an experience over a period of 15+ Years. He's the Co-founder of BLOOMINDIA a product in social entrepreneurship space. He has worked with Technical sales team across the world to understand the requirements and writing User Stories. He has participated in multiple product hackathons in domains like Banking, Insurance, Mobile app Marketplace. Recently, Souhardyya Biswas got the opportunity to interview him. Here is how that went:

1) What were your ambitions when you were growing up?
A) "I think I wanted to become a doctor. I read a book in 1990. Things which can be done using computers. All problems which can be solved using computers. Then I veered towards software engineering."

2) You have an experience in the field of software engineering for 15+ years, what is one piece of advice you'd like to give to the aspiring software engineers of our age?
A) "I would say that, when you enter the field of technology. Keep on learning about technology. Technology is a field that gets outdated very quickly. Keep yourself updated and gain good experience in this field. At one point of time, you have to become a manager and manage people. Never keep technology behind."

3) Human Computer Interaction is not a much popular subject here in India, unlike in The States, being an aficianado in UX and Design, what would you recommend for Computer Science students in this competitive world to learn to face the competition?
A) "HCI is a very crucial subject in the field of technology. Whichever technology you're working with, you should learn to adapt. Be aware other than coding, think in the customer's point of view. HCI is used to enhance every product of technology. You have to think who is the main user of the product. What are the pains faced by the customer?

4) Do you believe problem solving is a talent or a skill?
A) "Everyone is born with problem solving skills. It is something which is inate to the human mind. But the technique to solve more and more problems, makes the mind more enhanced and skillful.

5) You proposed an idea where you hypothetically working for Google as a Product Manager. Don't you think that a huge portion of the "laymen" such as may I quote "Writers, Fashion Designers" etc. may not even be bothered to solve social problems using programming? Considering their appeal to solutions might be dichotomical to say engineers.
A) "When I was speaking about laymen such as writers and fashion designers, I meant that they should be able to solve their own problems without requiring the assistance of an engineer.

6) Now regarding your proposed solution the CIBIL scoring system. How do you plan to get a "Yes" from other banks considering you require confidential information from them to succeed in providing a customer a loan which is beneficial to you and a potential loss to the other banks?
A) "RBI or the Reserve Bank of India should make a software compiling data from all banks across India.”

7) As a hypothetical Amazon Product Manager you proposed that options like "Frequently Bought Together" and "Special Offers" should be kept in a separate page. Several customers of E Commerce websites exist because of the exlusive offers and deals. How do you propose to market a formally expensive product to a customer who can avail it at a lower price?
A) "OLX is an idea, where second hand products can be sold. It can a separate website where 2nd hand products are sold."

8) What’s the mentality that drives you to want to succeed?
A) "Apply the knowledge for the greater good. For example Hewlett Packard when they started off they wanted to take care of their employees. Work for the greater good. If you are solving problems money will come. There are 2 kinds of people, one who just want to earn money, and the other who want to do it for the greater good. Money will come eventually. Your work is your world."

9) Learning from failure is the key to success. What motivates you to keep working despite the hurdles in the way?
A) "It's always better to fail fast and keep on improving. Keep on working on the skills and knowledge. Your skills and knowledge are always for others. Think in a larger perspective. Whatever skills you have that is always for the others. Sometimes you fail, sometimes you pass, but always improve whatever you know. Think about others also. A programmer does not write codes for himself, he writes it for others. Someone has to work for others, or else he won't earn money. Say for instance any FMCG product, someone has manufactured it but he can't hold it in his factory, he will sell it off for others. It has to be used by others. Anything you can manufacture or create will be for others. "

Startup Glossary

- Souhardyya Biswas

Angel investors and Venture Capitalists

An angel investor is a high net worth individual who puts their own finance into the growth of a small business in the early stage as seed funds for debt or equity ownership. They invest in the formative stages of the startup’s business and usually start contributing funds when the startup has something to present, such as a prototype of the product or service. A venture capitalist is one who is part of a limited partnership who is investing in the startup in the form of venture capital funds. They enter in the later stages of development for a portion of equity or debt ownership in an effort to advance the growth of the company by developing its market share.


Bootstrapping is when an entrepreneur begins a venture depending on external sources for financing and raising capital.


FMA (first mover advantage) describes a certain competitive advantage a company can obtain by being the first to bring a specific product or service to a market. This would give such a company strong brand recognition and customer loyalty.


Fintech refers to an industry composed of financial technology that describes emerging financial service sector. This includes companies that include technology that enhances financial services through innovation.


Most characteristic to internet based businesses, Freemium is a business model that allows a user to access some basic services for free with an option to pay for some advanced features. This is how most website business offer alternative tools for the social media function.

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is where art and science meet business ideas that use a set of conventional and non-conventional marketing experiments that lead to the growth of a business. Growth hackers are marketers, engineers, and product managers who try new and improved ways to engage the user base of a business.

Hockey stick curve

Most sought out by the venture capitalists in startups, the hockey stick curve represents the growth rate of a company. It is characterised by a slow initial growth rate that suddenly increases to a much faster growth rate that continues indefinitely.

Pre-Money Valuation

A very common term used in private equity or in venture capital industries, it refers to the valuation of a company or an asset before the investment is made. Post-money valuation.
Post-money valuation is the company’s valuation after inflows of capital are added to the balance sheet. This addition to the funds and investments from venture capitalists or angel investors has been included for the valuation.

Loss leader pricing

This is a consumer retention strategy. In loss leader pricing, a startup would sell their products or services at a loss as a form of marketing expense to bring in customers they expect repeated business from.


Runway is the time period that is anticipated for the funds to last supporting the business.


A startup begins to pivot when they want use their existing tech and resources for an entirely different process. This includes doing business in different market segments.

Open-end fund

This is basically a mutual fund that sells as many shares as an investor requires on demand. Any given increase in the cash flows for a company will allow the fund to grow. If the fund experiences any outflow of cash, the number of outstanding shares decreases. These are usually open to investors who have been associated with a certain company for a long time.


SaaS (Software as a Service) is a business model which involves selling subscriptions to use software which is the primary product or service of the company.

Seed capital

Seed capital is a form of securities offering that brings an investor to invest capital in exchange for an equity stake in a company. This usually takes place in the initial stages of the company.


Nowadays, digital technologies have become a catalyst for subsequent stages of the evolution towards the transformation of current paradigms and solutions based on them. Innovations that are their consequence create a wide range of possibilities while changing our cognitive processes and efficiency of related actions. Robotisation of processes, cognitive automation, or social robotics evokes various implications in terms of individual business models along with their new attributes. Their etiology decides about the possibility of further commercialisation.

Chatbots take a toll from the existing jobs and replace it with an artificial simulation of high order intelligence. In such an approach, the upgrade connected with digital technologies becomes an inherent element of marketing while allowing various market players to join more naturally and integrally than ever before. Using chatbots in that process enables companies/brands to intensify consumer's diverse emotions and experiences while increasing their involvement and satisfaction. They become smarter and more cognitive in the space of algorithmic economy.

How chatbots impact marketing?

Chatbots improve user experience by alternating themselves with humans. Chatbots create an environment of self-indulgence. Customers have a plethora of options to browse when they visit a website. This can, however, be tedious and boring. However, bots add the secret sauce to customer interaction.

Chatbots use Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to gather data and insights about the likings of someone. These bots then create a personalised experience and shortlist the options just according to customer needs. Bots can save plenty of time by gathering information through conversations rather than collecting data by monitoring user activity.

How did the world adapt to chatbots?

There were bots on Telegram and Kik; they were not so useful for business. However in April 2016, Facebook announced its Messenger platform for bots at the Annual F8 Conference.

This announcement took the tech world and the Digital Marketing Industry by storm. Just in four months since then, 23,000 developers (34,000 now) had signed up for the program, and 11,000 ChatBots (now it's 30,000 ) were developed. The reason, it was Messenger with 900 million active users (now it reached 1 billion). We know what Facebook means for businesses. And the trend is going on now on the Messenger platform.

Brands That Use Chatbots


This cosmetic brand is one of the first that established a chatbot back in 2016. In collaboration with application Kik, they created a chatbot that provides tutorials for makeup, tips, and tricks for skincare and reviews of the product.Researches by Martech Today show that bookings through chatbot increased by 11%. As well, sales in stores have grown by the customers who used a chatbot for help.


Unlike Sephora, Starbucks established chatbot last year. The primary purpose of the chatbot was to simplify and speed up the ordering process. Therefore, customer waiting in the queues was smaller. Chatbot allowed users to order by voice messages. The best feature is that chatbots remember the history of the order, so chatbot could recommend one of the previous orders.

National Geographic

TNational Geographic released the chatbot in 2017, and they used it for the promotion of the show. Also, they allowed users to chat with "Einstein" as they tackled the professional and personal life of Albert Einstein. You could chat with Einstein about any subject from his life.

Taco Bell

This is just one of the fast-food chains that have a chatbot. They released chatbot primarily to stay competitive. They partnered with communication channel Slack. Chatbot allowed customers to make their orders with the ingredients they want. Customers can put remove any ingredient they want. Also, there are reviews, previous orders, and the whole offer of Taco Bell. The chatbot provided a cute and kind approach with emojis that caused immense happiness to the customer.


TChatbots have successfully proven to strengthen customer relations. It is the emergence of an era where users are relying on suggestions made by the chatbots. Using chatbots on social media is recommendable because of the number of users that need help. Moreover, they improve content marketing because of all the information they get from the customer. Therefore, once they get the information, they can personalise the messages to every customer, which will retain them.

It is a more economical and pretentious for people who deploy it, and users who interact with it.

Lipstick Effect in the Economy

- Souhardyya Biswas

So what exactly is the lipstick effect? Well, an economic term attributed to evolutionary psychology. It is the theory that when facing an economic crisis consumers will be more willing to buy less costly luxury goods. For example, instead of buying expensive fur coats they will purchase an expensive lipstick. When the consumer trust in the economy is topsy- turvy, consumers will buy goods that have less impact on their available funds.

Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad may have been forced to withdraw the statement in which he had cited that the Rs.120 crore business done by three Bollywood movies on a single day to suggest strength in the fundamentals of the Indian economy, but he was actually articulating a real economic phenomenon playing out in India currently. Lipstick Effect is the definition of the conundrum i.e. Bollywood keeps the Box Offices well fed, whilst most segments of the economy succumb to a nose-dive.

Well according to Robert Browning “What youth deemed crystal, age finds out was dew.” It appears in an economy in one form or the other. During an economic slowdown, consumers stick to favourite trusted brands, but buy less. They cut down on consumption. Media, entertainment, travel and leisure-linked stocks are all showing this effect, which has been most pronounced in multiplex stocks. Shares of PVR have risen 11.94 per cent on year-to- date basis till October 14, while those of Inox Leisure have gained 34.86 per cent to hover around their 52-week high levels. Investors are keeping a keen eye on India Inc’s September quarter earnings. Sectors like banking, telecom, metals, resources, IT and pharmacy have been signalling slower growth in recent times. Khurana of Dolat Capital, says a stock like Bata or quick-service restaurant chains should benefit from this effect. “Footwear as a sector should continue to outperform on the consumption side. Watch out for the earnings numbers from PVR and Jubilant,” he said.

Movie is a small-ticket luxury in India, whilst travel and living are not small-ticket. Movie theatres are locally present, requiring less commuting cost. Hence mostly all Bollywood movies from Kabir Singh to Gully Boy each paced into the 100 crore club.

The Economist tested the lipstick effect in 2009 with statistical analysis. “Not everyone is convinced. Reliable historical figures on lipstick sales are hard to find, and most lipstick believers can only point to isolated, anecdotal examples as evidence of the larger phenomenon.  Data collected by Kline & Company, a market-research group, show that lipstick sales sometimes increase during times of economic distress, but have also been known to grow during periods of prosperity. In other words, there is no clear correlation.” As a jargon in evolutionary psychology, Lipstick Effect is driven by women’s desire to attract mates with resources and depends on the perceived mate attraction function served by these products. Post 9/11, Leonard Lauder, the chairman of Estee Lauder Cos, noticed his company was selling more lipstick than usual. He hypothesized, that when the economy is unstable, sales increase as women boost their mood with inexpensive lipstick purchases instead of $500 sling backs. It’s not that lipsticks are inferior goods, but they are subtle indulgences and impactful substitutes; morale boosters like Charlie Chaplin films during the Depression.

So what can us as entrepreneurs do? Since this process leads to the mentality of greater value. Job losses, lesser salary upgrades, low business profits are the essential cause for this mentality. Consumers prefer brands that still are reputed, however they try to access it at a much lower price. They wouldn’t buy something that is considered “low quality” or “cheap”. That might embed a different label on their family well-being. Hence start offering value packs, discounts, festive deals and also budget variants which will stay strong even in the downfall. They should make the customers feel comfortable, and feel satisfied for catching a good deal. This applies to every FMCG, daily use-garments or even mobile phones. All these aspects of consumer behaviour highlight an imperative for marketers during these slowdown times. Focus on seeking out pockets of opportunity and growth for their respective products or services, based on sharp insights into consumer behaviour that are most relevant to their industry sectors. In other words, search for the lipstick effects in your respective categories. That’s where you are likely to strike gold. For example, in a country like India, festivals are a huge deal. Even throughout the economic downfall consumers will still be willing to spend during Diwali or Durga Puja (or any other communal festival) hence you should market your product to stimulate strong demand. Such festive spending would be good for consumers, corporates, jobs, and for the overall economy.


- Nalin Bhatt

It’s the absolute intensity and relentless problem solving which rightly defines the life of an entrepreneur.

The burning desire to achieve his/her goals, make an impact, desire to experience life to the fullest and development of the self to the fullest are the fuels for their life. A flexible schedule, autonomy, creating a career that aligns with your values, meeting like-minded people, unexpected and thrilling experiences, greater self-confidence are sure perks of being an entrepreneur.

Each day in the life of an entrepreneur is structured to maximise all of the 24 hours of a day. Life of each entrepreneur is different. Doses of meetings and overtime work are common to all. The drive of their passion is so strong that from morning 6 to mid-night, an entrepreneur manages time for everything. From family, books, stress doses, financial work, health to new idea development, they do it all.  

If you see a successful entrepreneur’s schedule, you’re sure to see them devoting substantial amounts of time in book reading. Successful entrepreneurs achieve hero status in our culture. We idolize the Mark Zuckerberg’s and the Elon Musk’s. And we celebrate the blazingly fast growth of the fortune 500 companies.

However many of those entrepreneurs, before they made it big, have struggled through moments of near-debilitating anxiety and despair, times when it seemed everything might crumble. The sleepless nights, pressure to outperform the peers of the industry is surely mind boggling.

If you run a business, this probably all sounds familiar. It's a stressful job that can create emotional turbulence. Though driven and innovative, these hypomaniacs are at much higher risk for depression than the general population due to very high failure rates. No matter what; your psychological makeup or big setbacks in your business can knock you flat. Even experienced entrepreneurs have had the rug pulled out from under them.

The problem with this ‘skill’, however, is that you simultaneously cut off the other end of your emotional spectrum. You naturally lose a bit of your warmth, fun and happiness because you’re always in control. Feeling isolated is a natural price you pay as an entrepreneur. The sooner you recognize this and do something about it, the more fulfilling the role will be.

Therefore, one must realise that this is an intense life with confidence, knowledge, patience and execution as the key to success.

The Sports Industry

- Rahul Sanjeev

Long gone are the days in the sports industry, where business in sports was confined to just selling match tickets and broadcasting the matches. The sports industry is evolving and with it came big names like, ’Nike’, ’Adidas’, ’Puma’ and so much more. You might think that these brands are all revolving around selling sports wear and other branded merchandise. But there are other opportunities too in the world of Sports.

There are opportunities in the most unthinkable places. As was the case with the ‘Mud Company’. The company is known to sell the mud required to shine the baseball balls, prior to the start of matches. The balls are rubbed with this mud to ease pitchers while throwing the ball. The company caters only during the pre-monsoon season as the mud is best at that time. Jim Blintliff, owner of the Mud Company has a net worth of 200,000 USD. He makes this just by collecting mud, casing it and shipping it off to be rubbed on match balls!

Another place, Sports gives a lot of business opportunities is in Sports Medicine. Any one, may it be Leo Messi or Virat Kohli needs a proper physiotherapist and a team of doctors who can help him out with his difficulties off the pitch. The team of trained trainers and doctors and a gem to any team staff. There in lies a business opportunity to cater Gym Trainers, physios, Masseurs and Doctors, and cater them to any Sport team.

Phil Knight, the owner of Nike, in his autobiography, the Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE said “Life is growth, you grow or you die”. In today’s quick, competitive society, it holds a lot of truth. To thrive in this environment, entrepreneurs shouldn’t try creating a company that is competing with Nike or Adidas. They must start thinking out of the box. They must create an opportunity in a niche field. Opportunities are always out there, its you who must pick the ball and drive it in behind the nets before the defence catches up to you.

Trending in Tech

- Paurush Kumar

1. Motorola Razr sales put on hold after unexpectedly high demands in market
The return of nostalgic Motorola Razr with futuristic upgrades has received an amazing response from the technophiles around the world. Even though the product was criticised for having low specs compared to its rival competitor models still the compact foldable display has crossed the expectations of the market.

2. This Christmas get yourself a pair of gaming footwears and take your virtual experience to another level
Puma has launched a $105 gaming socks targeted at providing seamless comfort and grip for better virtual experience with its three modes namely SEEK mode, ATTACK mode, DEFENCE mode. While its rival Adidas has collaborated with NINJA and launched sneakers. There was a time when footwear industry only collaborated with top class athletes, these days gamers have got their own line-up of sneakers. E-sports industry has shown significant development and also considered one of the fastest rising domains.

3. Leaks of Samsung galaxy S11 have been circulating for a while and reports suggest that the model has a 108-megapixel camera and 5x telephoto lens. The leaks suggest the rear boast a square camera design earlier seen in pixel 4. Its expected to launch 3 models.

4. Facebook is working on its own OS that could reduce its reliance on Android
Facebook has been connecting masses around the world and there has been reports that in order to reduce its dependence on Android and an operating system dedicated to its own circle of application and devices.

5. YouTube rewind 2019 - as of now 8 million dislikes
After YouTube rewind 2018 becoming the most disliked video on the platform, this year they decided to bring in new concept but seeing the dislikes on the video and its third position in most disliked videos, it can be very well speculated that people did not find it amusing.


Business is a combination of war and sport!

La Liga foreseeing €2bn in television credits
LaLiga’s Ordinary General Assembly of licensed centers ought to project that Spanish football’s two paramount sets of tiers are anticipated to surpass €2 billion in TV rights revenues by the resolution of the 2019/20 season.  The earlier campaign being put on contrast has brought in €1.86 billion in revenue for La Liga at a 10% year-on-year inflation. LaLiga has reportedly posted overall revenues of €1.985 billion on the back of growth in the global audio-visual and sponsorship agreements. The media rights revenues for the last year's campaign are reported at €1.688 billion.

US economy shoots 1.9% in Q3
The American economy stalled a touch in the third quarter but prevailed solid, with an incredible buoyancy in home sales and consecutive consumer expenditure. GDP growth eluded the steeper dropoff but the US-China trade battle still thumped the marketing sector. The steady augmentation offered President Donald Trump a soothing sight on his economic agenda, which has sunk repeatedly in producing the three percent. are reported at €1.688 billion.

India stealing VETO in the most conducive environment for financial inclusion
India demonstrates its capitalism and announces the reforming of its ecosystem in the most promoting environment for financial inclusion in terms of granting non-banks to allocate e-money, proportionate consumer due diligence, and active consumer protection. The world enchanted about the Global Microscope on Financial Inclusion report as witnessed by the Economist Intelligence Unit of 2019, the combined atmosphere for monetary inclusion has progressed globally with India, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, and Mexico being the most promising.

Stocks securing the most significant moves after hours: Apple, Facebook, Lyft and more!
Lyft shares escalated throughout extended trading following the company’s boosted full-year profits administration and marked better-than-expected earnings for its third quarter.  Lyft’s active passengers and revenue per rider also surpassed expectations. Shares of Etsy plunged more than 9% despite the company’s third-quarter revenue beat.  Gross merchandise sales also topped expectations at $1.20 billion, compared to the $1.13 billion forecasts.  Etsy equaled profits expectations at 12 cents per share. Apple shares soared more than 1% after the company reported a fourth-quarter earnings beat.  Starbucks shares toppled 3% after the buzz, the company topped revenue estimates for its fourth quarter. The coffee giant reported revenue of $6.75 billion.

Hyundai, Kia’s $300 million funding in Ola and its dynamic branch gets CCI nod
The Competition Commission of India, on Wednesday, signed a proposal of $300 million investment in the homegrown ride-hailing rostrum. Ola and its electric flux subsidiary from Korean automakers Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors. The CCI declared its consent for the foreign financing in ANI Technologies, which operates the platform, and OLA Electric Mobility through a tweet.

Starbucks’ stock jumps on the strong US and China sales extension
Starbucks on Wednesday reported quarterly revenue that topped analysts’ expectations as cafes in the U.S. and China pulled off more patrons. Shares of the company jumped more than 2% in extended trading. “Our U.S. business delivered 6% comparable-store sales growth in the fourth quarter, while China grew comparable-store sales by 5% and total transactions by 13%,” CEO Kevin Johnson stated.

Boeing CEO grilled about salary, liability in the following day of congressional questioning
Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg was grilled about his salary on Wednesday, the second day of congressional hearings regarding the company’s 737 Max jets, which were involved in the two fatal crashes. “You’re saying you’re not giving up any compensation at all,” “You’re continuing to work and make $30 million a year after this horrific two accidents that caused all these people’s relatives to go, to disappear, to die.” Was the question that heated in the crowd. Muilenburg earned total compensation of about $23.4 million for 2018, recorded by the Securities and Exchange Commission filing. He also cashed in delayed stock payouts from previous years, bringing his total actual compensation for the year to $30 million.

Amazon Looks to Sun Country to Boost Its Cargo Unit
Amazon is expanding its domestic airfreight operation, hiring low-cost carrier Sun Country Airlines to operate 10 Boeing Co. cargo jets to bolster next-day shipping.The e-commerce giant subcontracts deliveries to two air-cargo specialists operating almost 50 jets on its behalf. Amazon plans to have at least 20 more flying by 2021.

Things you should know before starting your startup

Creating a startup is never an overnight decision. You can’t wake up one day, leave your normal life and take a risk like that. So many dreams and lives depend upon a business, and it’s no icing on a cake.

The chances of failure of a startup is way more than its success. In spite of the endless forfeits and difficulties entrepreneurs face, a staggering 84 percent of entrepreneurs would do it all over again. But there are a few things one must keep in mind before starting their own startup.

1. Have a strong value proposition
Whatever is the idea behind your startup should be strong enough to solve a customer problem (or make them think you are). Develop a powerful message that potential customers are willing to pay for.

2. Fully understand the market
You can have an average product, not something unique and still be successful if you have the right marketing skills. Knowing the depths of functioning of the market, watching your competitors, being aware of the customers’ opinions, etc. constitute to what would eventually make a good marketing scheme.

3. Start small and grow
Self-fund your startup, if possible and for as long as possible and then go for funding. When you get funds from outside, like from investors, they own a part of your product and would want to break up your product or service which will result in delay in your growth.

4. Surround yourself with mentors and advisors
Advisors and mentors have seen more startups fail than succeed. No one has all the knowledge when it comes to any field of work. But they can surely guide you and help you not make the same mistakes that they’ve seen before. An experienced guy on your side will always increase your chances to succeed.

5. Be passionate
Being a business founder can be very lonely and there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything. If it makes you wake up in the morning, looking forward to it, you are doing it right. If you’re not fuelled with passion every step of the way, this job will become harder and harder.

6. Know your numbers
One should always be aware of their startup costs, sales and gross margins, profits, specific expenditures associated with your startup. Any ignorant or wrong estimation may result in serious loses.

7. There will be no entitlements
When you work on startup or business, there are not enough hours in a day. A lor of businessmen say that it’s been years since they’ve gone on a vacation. Its best to accept this before you start: There will be no entitlements, you will have to work really hard at all times.

You can follow all these points, and your startup might still fail. It is one of the most difficult career paths, but if you have enough passion, you may fall a hundred times, but you will always be ready for the 101th, and that’s when, you succeed.

POP Review

- Souhardyya Biswas

Cardi B joining Fast and Furious 9

Hunks and hustlers alongside strippers-turned criminals isn’t an alien concept in these testosterone heavy, VFX fed, rapid action films. Cardi B has nabbed yet another role, this time in the ninth instalment of the Fast and Furious franchise. And yes, after Hobbs and Shaw, it is happening again. Vin Diesel who plays Dominic, the ring leader of the Fast and Furious squad, announced the news via his Instagram Account.
But Cardi B isn't the only newcomer joining the team. John Cena is also joining the cast, which includes Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Jordana Brewster, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, as well as Charlize Theron, Nathalie Emmanuel, and Helen Mirren.

Hillary Clinton’s new career in comedy

Hillary Clinton, erstwhile presidential candidate and the person who has been living rent-free inside Trump's head for at least four years is now doing comedy on the internets. Clinton took to Twitter this weekend to drop a scorching parody of Trump's misbegotten letter to Turkey's president and it is... definitely something!
Would I pay good money to watch Hillary Clinton perform an evening of standup? Sure. What else am I doing? Not tweeting out jokes about the president anymore because, apparently, that position has been filled. Nothing surprises me anymore. America is now an Outback Steakhouse: no rules, just right. Hillary Clinton is shopping around a half hour network sitcom, and me? I'm going for a long walk in the woods of Woodstock, VIT. Let's all just live.

Shah Rukh Khan flatters everybody with his wit - David Letterman interview

3.5 billion people, probably much more is the number of people who adore the ‘Baadshah’ of Bollywood. ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’ a Netlfix Original talk show, hosted by the famous David Letterman, invited our loved superstar. With the sparkling dimples and self-deprecating jokes, Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) won everybody’s hearts. The gleaming camaraderie between the two was evident as an extremely frank conversation conceded. As long as SRK’s glamour was admired, there were few disappointments. For example, the “intro shots” for India. The clichéd Western ideas of romanticising poverty still punches us in our “3 rd world nation” cheeks. The scene of David playing cricket with Prithvi Shaw, a Test debut cricketer who was later handed a temporary ban on doping charges, a person with a separate story of his own. Treated just like a ‘prop’ for the quintessential sport of India-Cricket.


We have progressed far in technology. The safekeeping of a personal idea is a faded idea since it's virtual inception. Deepfake is one such technology which breaks the threshold of technology and privacy. In 1986, Jack Wodhams created the "Picaper". This movie revolved around skilled hackers who produce digitally enhanced videos serving unscrupulous lawyers and political figures. Even 2019's BBC One drama 'The Capture' revolves around the Deepfake technology. The series follows British ex-soldier Shaun Emery, who is accused of assaulting and abducting his barrister. Deepfake manipulated CCTV footage is used to set him up and mislead the police whilst investigating him. Google and Facebook are using Deepfake troves to teach algorithms how to detect them. Nowadays, the artificial intelligence and machine learning have improved manifold hence stitching someone's face onto someone else is easily possible. There is a huge concern that the voting in 2020 maybe heavily influenced as Deepfake might be used to sway the voters.Virginia, although has already made Deepfake non consensual porn illegal.

Donald Trump Impeachment

Wow. It's finally there. I remember that time when the whole world was shocked on his win over Hillary. Most of us illiterate about the federal system of elections in the US. And 19 December, 2019, Donald Trump is impeached. He faces trial on the charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. This was the final flames of the Ukraine scandal. The democrats claim that Trump abused his power by coaxing Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky to launch a probe against Joe Biden, the formal election candidate and Democrat representative. Robert Mueller also alleged the involvement of Russia in the 2016 elections. Secondly, the inquiry by the Congress in relation with the impeachment of the POTUS was obstructed by the POTUS himself. President Trump “has directed the unprecedented, categorical and indiscriminate defiance of subpoenas issued by the House of Representatives pursuant to his ‘sole Power of Impeachment’,” states Article II. Well, Trump is not removed from office, because impeachment doesn't remove the POTUS from his office. Impeachment will lead to trial. After the trial, the Senators will vote on his conviction. A President can be convicted and removed from office with the support of at least two-thirds of the Senate.


Department of Month is Events, Rachit and his team coordinated the event really well. The presence of mind and the confidence needed to coordinate was present in his members. This is truly won because of the team effort they have shown. This is mainly for management of Kick Startup 3.0 as in that event they were at their peak. I haven't seen an event well managed than Kick Startup, so congrats to @⁨Rachit Csed⁩ and team!



Human Resources

Purvi knows what has to be done and how it is to be done. She takes up initiative when no one would. She has been a gem to this department, from organising Saturday sessions to calling people, she has done tremendously well.

Ayush Pilani


His dedication during Gravitas was exceptional all through the events. Am sure every participant remembers him for his mentoring.

Vansh Goel


He is a great member of the department and has contributed to the department alot.


Human Resources

Shravani has been a big part of HR from the very start. She understands the department pretty well. She has so many new and fresh ideas always, and does her best to execute them.

Satyam Bohra

Public Relations

Satyam has been an active member of the PR department and has full filled all duties assigned to him.

Rivanshu Chib


Hardworking and creative. Has been an integral part of Expansions core.

Priyesha Jethi


Priyesha has been the most consistent member of the department. She completes every task given to her on time and even puts her own flare to it. Congrats!



He’s grown immensely in the short time he has been in the Startups Department.